Traditional Catholic Mass set

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I don’t know if there are words to describe the beauty of this traditional Mass set that Judith has created. This set consists of

  • a traditional fiddleback chasuble, with a fine pillar design at the front, and a cross with embroidered IHS insignia on the back;

  • a maniple;

  • a “spade-end” traditional stole;

  • and a gorgeous burse and veil to complete the set.

This set shows off the power of magnificent fabrics and fringing in traditional designs. The set shows off Judith’s well-known attention to detail, and will be used in a very fortunate parish which wants to see the finest vestments used in divine worship.

The usual price for a set like this is $495 but Judith has reduced this to the unbelievable price of $225 to celebrate the launch of the new Angel Supplies website!

This mass set was proudly made in Australia in the Angel Supplies Sydney studio.

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