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Angel Supplies creates beautifully crafted Cassocks and Soutanes, all hand-made here in Australia.

The cassock is an ankle-length robe worn by clergy of the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church and by some of the Presbyterian, Anglican, Lutheran and other churches.

The word “cassock” is derived from the French term “casaque” meaning a long coat, while in Ireland and some other English speaking countries, it is also known by another French derived word “soutane”.

The cassock (or soutane) comes in many styles. For example a Roman cassock often has a series of thirty-three buttons down the front (symbolic of the years of the life of Jesus) whilst an Anglican cassock is often double breasted (also called a “Sarum” cassock) with a complement of thirty nine buttons (thought to be in reference to the Thirty-Nine Articles).

Generally cassocks or soutanes are black but in countries where heat is an issue they can be coloured white.

Other than Clergy, Seminarians and (Religious) Brothers, cassocks are sometimes worn by Acolytes, Readers, Altar Servers and members of the choir. Whilst Acolytes, Readers and Altar Servers usually wear black cassocks (frequently with a cotta or surplice) those worn by the choir are usually coloured.

For this reason Angel Supplies can make cassocks in a variety of styles and colours.


  • Standard style cassocks/soutanes are made single-breasted and unlined, with 3 pleats and bypass pockets. They can be made in your choice of poly/rayon or poly/cotton with or without the standard complement of 33 buttons.

  • Sarum (Anglican) cassocks are generally made double-breasted and unlined, with 3 pleats and bypass pockets. They can also be made in your choice of poly/rayon or poly/cotton.

  • Another popular style (especially for Australian summer conditions) is the Lightweight Cassock or Ecumenical Alb. This is a smart convenient coat style garment with wide box pleats both at the front and back and can be made in your choice of poly/viscose, poly/rayon or poly/cotton.


Cassocks are sometimes worn with an outer cape. Girdles (also called cinctures in some denominations) are also frequently used and are made of a 4" (10.2 cm) width fabric with fringe to match the cassock.

To create your alb, we will require measurements to ensure your fit is correct. Please download this form, write down your measurements and enter the details in the "Additional Notes" form on this page when placing your order. If you have any questions, please contact us.